Our Top 5 Favourite Extras!

Our Favourite Extras For Your Event!

Including what would we choose if we were planning our own event!

5. The Rural Roasts Salads

Okay so you might be thinking how can a salad make such an impact to an event? Let me explain… 

Nobody likes the site of a soggy lettuce on the side of their plate. And what a dis-service to the meat it is! Thats why we make sure our salads are as appealing as the main course they are complimenting! 

Verdict: Fresh, Crunchy, Tasty and full of flavour!

Our Favourite: Bacon & Broccoli Salad


4. The Apple Sauce

How can something so small be so important?

When it come to Hog Roasts, you can make-or-break a succulent Hog Roll with the apple sauce. That’s why we take no risks at Rural Roasts. We hand make our own apple sauce using the apples from our very own apple tree! 

Verdict: Hand selected apples, hand made recipe, taste is everything!

3. Plates & Cutlery

Now this may seem trivial. But we are somewhat perfectionists here at RR. Picture this, you queue up, get your delicious food, get to the table and just as you put your plate down, the weight of the food combined with the heat, bends the plate in half and the food falls on the floor! Nightmare!

That’s why we offer the highest quality, fibre plates combined with wooden cutlery. So you can enjoy your meal knowing your food is safe and your cutlery won’t snap! (We also offer china plates and stainless steel cutlery of course.)

Verdict: 100% Sturdy, 100% Reliable and 100% Recycable!

2. Our Champagne Reception

This is the Cherry on the Cake. The best way to seriously impress your guests. 

One of our top favourites here as it makes such an impact on your event. Full of class and a great way to welcome your guests. For the more formal of events but can be a great addition to small parties too!

Introducing our Top Favourite Extra…

1. Our Home Made Desserts!

We’ll let our puddings be the proof for this one! Hands down our favourite extra for any event is our home-made selection of Desserts. 

The taste is second to none, the presentation flawless. If you want to impress your guests, our desserts speak for themselves. 

Verdict: A must have for any event. The perfect way to finish a fantastic dinner!

Our Favourite: Home-Made Oreo Cheesecake!

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