Why a Hog Roast is THE Best Events Catering!

When debating which events catering is going to be best when celebrating a particular occasion by hosting a party or a get together – one of the most important things you need to consider is the type of food. You need to ask yourself the following questions: Firstly, can you be sure that the food you are providing is going to be of the highest quality? Are the dishes inventive and creative – in other words; will they surprise your guests? Yet, at the same time, are you providing food which most people are going to enjoy? 

If any of these questions have left you with doubt in your mind then you need to reconsider your catering option. So, why not consider a delicious whole hog roast instead? This is definitely something your guests won’t expect. The meat is assured to get lips smacking and everybody’s taste buds doing a dance. And you can’t go wrong with pork, can you? It is a versatile meat that tends to be liked by most. Once you add in the special touches and added extras that come with every RR event, you can be sure your guests will love it!

Because of this, Rural Roasts can be your ideal catering solution for all occasions. Our fantastic hog roast catering service is suitable for a vast range of events. And unlike other companies, we actually offer the full culinary experience. Our friendly and experienced members of staff will be on hand to serve your guests. And if that wasn’t enough, we will also bring all of the cooking equipment, serving equipment, and cutlery needed. 

Versatile Events Catering

We have the capacity to cater to all types of events; no matter whether you are hosting an intimate get together or a large gathering. The great thing about a hog roast is that it is rarely an unsuitable catering option.

It is great value for large amounts of guests and fun fact – we have never ran out of pork at any of our events! So there is no risk of anybody going hungry. Wether you want guests to help themselves or staff to serve at the tables, our versatile and flexible style means we can cater for nearly every circumstance. We understand that no two events are the same. So we’ll have a good chat with you before we give you any packages, to make sure we fully understand the style and needs of your occasion!

Rustic, Traditional British Food

It has a very authentic, rustic, and traditional feel about it. This makes it ideal for outdoor parties and festivals. Catering at these occasions is all about hearty, good British food, and fresh, local produce, and a hog roast is definitely that. 

It is also an intriguing choice for weddings. After all, people usually end up spending extortionate amounts on fancy food that their guests haven’t even heard of. It may look good on paper and in presentation, yet you will find that the majority of the guests don’t always like this type of food. 

Events Catering for Corporate Occasions

events catering

Not only this but if you are hosting a business launch or a corporate event then a hog roast is assured to win over all the important guests in attendance. Remember, in this instance, events catering is not only about making everyone happy, but it aids branding and company image as well. Everyone will acknowledge how you have gone the extra mile to ensure the event is perfect.

No matter what event you are hosting a Rural Roasts hog roast can be the perfect addition. Let us ensure your catering is impressive, innovative, exciting, and delicious! If you’re still not sure, check out our reviews or check us out on Facebook! Real people with real events, let them make up your mind.

What to Expect from a Rural Roasts Event

In this Article we talk you through what to expect if you hire Rural Roasts Team to cater for you!

From start to finish!

After establishing exactly what you need and want, our team arrive approximately 4-8 hours prior to your event start time. The time varies based on several factors but ultimately it is due to the fact that we cook and prepare everything from scratch on-site. We never pre-cook anything whatsoever!

In the winter, when ambient temperatures are very low, cooking times can be considerably longer than a hot summers day. The size of the roast also affects the cooking time. 

Once we arrive at your venue, we begin transforming the area into something special. We know the importance of presentation and so we take a lot of pride and effort into making it look fantastic for your guests. We provide everything needed to ensure your event runs smoothly. From marquees to tables to lighting and heating we are prepared for all scenarios! Even down to the salt and pepper piggies! 

After making the catering area look the best, we then turn to serving. Ensuring everything is out on time to your schedule and ready to go. Whether you have a buffet style or our waitresses serving we make sure it all runs smoothly. 

After the first sitting we then invite everyone else to help themselves to seconds (we always have enough food for seconds!). 

After everyone is full and content we then pack down and tidy up!

We always give you the choice, whether you’d like us to take any left overs with us on the night, or if you like, we leave the food open for late comers and grazers to pick from throughout the night. It’s entirely up to you!

We make sure that when we go we don’t leave any trace that we were even there at all. All of the fat is contained and no mess or scorch marks are left whatsoever. Easy peasy!

All that’s left after that is to ask for feedback and make sure you loved every part of it!

The 2018 Season in Review!

Our Highlights of the Year gone by!

2018 seems to have flown past and what a busy year it was for all of us at Rural Roasts. The hot weather seemed to have encouraged everyone to throw outdoor parties and can you blame them!

One of our highlights early on in the season was an annual charity mixed rugby tournament hosted by Julian and his family. 

The weather was beautiful and we were thrilled to help Julian in making his fund-raising a success! We look forward to catering for him again in 2019!

Fast forward past  few Birthdays and Christenings and we had our first Lamb Roast of the season. These are one of our favourite roasts as we don’t often get to showcase our own tasty lamb!  Perfect for the smaller events as they don’t feed as many as a Hog Roast but just as delicious. 

Later on the season we had the privilege to cater for Ray and Ruth’s 30th Wedding Anniversary. 

With 200 guests attending we didn’t hold anything back. Champagne Reception, one Hog Roast, 24 Rotisserie Chickens, all of our delicious sides, Desserts and a Cheeseboard to finish! (and breathe!)

What an event and a great way to celebrate a big event for them both!

A week prior to Ray and Ruth’s, we were asked to provide a sit down meal for a black tie event for Studham CC Presentation evening. After a successful season they were looking for an equally successful celebration!

One Hog Roast for 80 guests, china plates and stainless steel cutlery warmed in our warming cupboard! Finished off with our desserts for the perfect send off for Studham CC. We look forward to catering for them again next year!

After a busy summer, we entered the winter months by catering for Slimming World’s Christmas Party. Two Hog Roasts for approximately 150 guests which went down a storm! 

The very next day we then catered for St George’s School in Harpenden for their Fundraiser for the Rugby tour. A great way to finish the year off! 

And Finally…

We’d like to thank everyone we have worked with this year and what a pleasure it has been to provide catering for your events. We hope to wow you again in the next year!

2019 is already shaping up to be a bigger year than last. We are already taking bookings and filling up the calendar which is fantastic. Stay tuned to our social media pages to follow what we are up to and what we plan to do next!

We have some big plans!

Have a great 2019 from all of the team at Rural Roasts!!

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