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Top 5 Questions We Get Asked at Events!

January 25, 2023

Answering all the common questions we get asked at events, the sensible ones and the funny ones too!

How Long Does It Take To Cook?

All of our roasts are cooked from fresh on the day of your event. For a standard hog roast, it usually takes around 6-7 hours to cook in our custom built roasters.

We also get asked where do we cook it too. We always cook outside in our gazebo which is usually only 3 metres squared (sometimes we use our bigger gazebos for bigger events, but we will always let you know beforehand). Protecting us from the weather elements, we can roast a whole hog anywhere from the middle of a field to your front garden!

How Many Does It Feed?

Another super common question! A hog roast can feed anywhere between 40 guests all the way up to 200! The largest pig we can roast is around 70kg which will feed up to 200 servings. For smaller events we roast pork joints like in the photo below.

How Do You Get Your Crackling Like That?

If we tell you, we’d have to shoot you! The process has been mastered over years of practice and trial and error. We baste the hog roast in oil, salt and our secret blend of herbs. Combine with the high heats of our roasters and a drizzle of apple cider at the end of the cooking, gives us the ultimate crunch!

Do You Carve The Meat or Pull It?

This comes up often. We use the traditional spit roast method of cooking our hogs. Meaning that we cook until the internal temperature is just perfect! The meat is carved in thin slices, not pulled, meaning the pork in your roll is succulent and juicy! Some hog roasts are cooked for hours and hours until the meat pulls of the bone but sometimes that can also dry the meat out. We prefer the traditional carving of the pork for the best results!

Where Are You Based?

We are based out of our family farm shop and butcher’s in Ivinghoe. Just outside of Leighton Buzzard we travel all over beds, bucks and herts and sometimes further!

Josh Thompson
January 25, 2023